EnviroVector provides a wide variety of habitat management plans to meet the needs of each individual client in price and complexity, from the most basic of suggestions on improving existing habitats to extensive land manipulation to provide a wildlife haven. We prepare Wildlife and Habitat Management Plans, Biological Assessments, & other wildlife services throughout the western States. Our wildlife plans satisfy Federal, State, and local regulatory considerations whether addressing species that are ESA listed , State listed, other otherwise protected, or just considered a nuisance. Our plans assess project impacts and propose conservation and mitigation measures to optimize your project potential.

Vegetation Mapping
Tree Coring
Tree Core Study
Habitat Evaluation
Montane Habitat
Prairie Plant Evaluation
North Cascades
Desert Habitat
Oak Tree Studies
Oak Woodland Habitat
Micro Habitats
Mountain Meadow


Oak Woodland Management Plans

Oak Woodland Habitat Management Plan is required by local governmental agencies for construction that may impact oak trees. Oak trees are protected in multiple states, including Washington and California. In Washington, the Oregon white oak is primarily found are north as Tacoma and even Seattle on the west side of the Cascades and lines the foothills east of the Cascades south to the Columbia River. Oak woodlands are the dominant vegetation in areas near Yelm and Rainier Washington in Thurston County. If you have oak trees on your property, call us first for a consultation to assist with your current or future land use plans.

Habitat Management Plans (HMPs)

Habitat Management Plans (HMPs) or Habitat Assessment Reports are required by some counties and cities during the land use permit process when sensitive species or habitats are present. These reports describe the existing wildlife habitat, use patterns, species presence, projects impacts, and mitigation or conservation measures. These reports are prepared by EnviroVector and reviewed by regulatory biologists at the County (i.e., Thurston, Mason, King, Snohomish, and Skagit Counties) or City of permit jurisdiction and at the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW).

Biological Assessments

Biological Assessments (BAs) are required by Federal Agencies for projects that have the potential to affect Federally listed species under the Endangered Species Act (ESA).  This report is a part of the ESA consultation process with the US Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) and NOAA Fisheries.  Curtis Wambach, M.S. has prepared numerous BAs over the last 13 years while at the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) and in private consulting. Species include Chinook salmon, searun cutthroat, wolf, grizzly bear, Canada lynx, marbled murrelet, brown pelican, leatherback sea turtle, orca, desert tortoise, spotted owl, and others.

Vegetation Surveys & Management Plans

EnviroVector surveys & maps vegetation zones, as well as prepares vegetation Management Plans, for land use projects. Our experienced botanists are reliable experts at identifying plant species in western Washington & Oregon, as well as in northern California, the great basin arid lands of eastern Washington and Oregon, the western mountains, and the arid southwest. Our many years of experience in preparing successful vegetation management and restoration plans has provided the necessary preparation to assist with your important land use plans.