Recent Projects



CHESTNUT VILLAGE (Mazama Pocket Gopher)

EnviroVector prepared a Mazama pocket gopher Habitat Management Plan (HMP) that was approved by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) and Thurston County allowing for the development of a 90-lot subdivision on 95% of the 26-acre subject property.


SANDPIPER (Oak Tree Management Plan)

Prepared an Oak Woodland Habitat Management Plan on a 5-acre high-density subdivision in the City of Olympia urban growth area.  Unavoidable impacts included the removal of 27 protected Oregon Oak trees on the high-density subdivided property.  Because of limited open space for tree replacement, my plan was to incorporate Oregon oak trees and native shrubs into the existing landscape plan, replacing non-native trees and shrubs.  The plan called for 130 Oregon oak trees to be planted in yards and at the margin of streets.


CDP PROPERTIES (Wetland Mitigation Plan)

Prepared Detailed Wetland Mitigation Plan approved by Thurston County to allow a 10,000 sf warehouse and an access road that extends through wetland.  Mitigation enhanced existing wetland, improving wetland functions and salmon habitat in Beaver Creek.


OMEGA VILLAGE (Wetland Mitigation Plan)

Twelve wetlands were delineated on 17-acre property proposed for 1,700 unit multi-family housing development.  Prepared a Wetland Mitigation Plan approved by Pierce County replacing 34,805 sf of impacted low quality wetlands with the creation of a 79,843 sf high quality wetland system.  This created wetland connects previously unconnected wetlands to form one larger contiguous and higher quality wetland system.  Created wetlands are associated with a salmon stream, flood plain, and riparian area, which are enhanced as part of the mitigation plan.



Permitted fish processing plant, including buildings and two docks, located in Westport, WA at the mouth of Grays Harbor. Managed Endangered Species Act (ESA) consultation with Federal Agencies. Prepared Biological Evaluation (BE) approved by Federal Agencies that addressed potential impacts to federally-listed species . Prepared approved mitigation plan to restore fish habitat off-site in Aberdeen by removing abandoned piles, wooden structures, and debris from marine waters. Managed permit for fueling station and associated docks, attaining a “no effects” determination on Endangered Species, allowing for early construction.


WISHKAH RIVER FLOOD CONTROL (Biological Evaluation (BE))

Prepared a Biological Evaluation (BE) to assess potential impacts and propose mitigation associated with a levee project designed to protect downtown Aberdeen from the rising waters of climate change.  Evaluated impacts to Federally-listed species that include salmon, marbled murrelet, and green sturgeon.  Also addressed other Federally-protected species, such as the bald eagle.  Recommended design alternations applied by the project engineers that resulted in a ‘no effects’ determination by the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Federal fish and wildlife agencies.